The juice of my heart

My name is Lubna. I also call myself Lubzi. I am from Palestine. I currently live in Bethlehem.
I am a blend of cultures, a salad of sounds, colors & words. I like to create. I love learning. I aspire to inspire. I seek freedom, harmony, peace and justice. I like to be a bridge between hearts and minds, between people from different cultures and backgrounds.
Here you'll find my theatre sound designs, audio art pieces, some of my writings and sketches & all kinds of crazy mixes and audio experiments that I do.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Control Q

Control Q
Fuck you 
Die يا ابن الكلب die
Just vanish 
Shut up
Shut up your mouse Obama
Control Q
Just disappear 
To a hell planet
In another dimension 
Just disappear 
All of you
Noisy forceful limited controlling 
June 4 2016

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lubzi remixes 2014 -2015 by Super Lubzi | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Mughram Ya Leil Remix مغرم يا ليل - راغب علامة by Super Lubzi | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

الحب is love

الحب... Love is

Love transcends time and place
Space and distance collapse
In a single infinite point
Of feeling
Love transcends death 
Love is life
Life is love
Love is the source of life
If it dies
It is not love
Love is immortal 
Love is the beginning 
and the end
Before the beginning 
and beyond the end
Love is 
The internal
The immortal
Beyond shape and form
Above logic 
The holiest 
The ultimate 
The meaning of it all
The essence of everything 
and everyone
The fabric of Being
Love is existence 

الحب مش انواع
ولا أشكال
الحب كل الألوان
أصل الوجود
نبض الأكوان 
كل الأبعاد
سر الخلود
كل الإحساس 
الحب هو الأساس 
كل الشعر
كل موسيقا وكل صوت
وكل شي خارج الحب 
الحب مش خيال
ولا أحلام 
الحب هو الحقيقة الوحيدة
بدون الحب
الحياة كابوس مزعج
من غير معنى
او طعم ولون
صحراء جرداء
الحب هو الكون
كل شي خارج الحب 
الحب هو معنى الحياة
الحب هو الحياة ذاتها